The Philippines

The Philippines is a travelers haven.

Why? With 7,107 islands, the possibilities in the Philippines are infinite. From pristine white beaches and sandbars, intriguing divings spots, relaxing hot springs, cascading waterfalls, to beautiful mountain landscapes — the Philippines has it all.

People in the Philippines are hospitable.

The reason travelers love the Philippines does not stop on its natural beauty. The people are amazing too. Filipinos are found to be the most hospitable people in the world. We are willing to share what little we have, give what’s abundant, smile amidst problems, and sing to our hearts desire whenever there’s the opportunity to do the karaoke.

English is the second language in the Philippines.

Unlike most countries in Asia, the people of the Philippines speaks halting to fluent English. Travelers from around the world won’t have difficulties communicating with the Filipinos. Our good command of the English language plus our willingness to help will make every traveler’s journey smooth sailing.

Filipino food is gaining popularity among travelers.

The most sought after Filipino food are adobo (pork or chicken cooked in vinegar, soy sauce, and pepper), lechon (roasted pork), sisig (sizzling pork cheeks, head, and liver), crispy pata (deep fried pork knuckles), fish kinilaw (ceviche), and tinola or sinigang (sour soup)

In 2014, Time Out New York declared the filipino burger, chori burger of Jeepney NY, the winner of the Battle of the Burger. The patty is made of chorizo-esque longganisa topped with banana ketchup and maggi aioli. While the people raved about the chori burger, some fidgeted when in site of a controversial Filipino delicacy, balut (a duck embryo). It is considered a culinary fascination worldwide by most people but some find it the most hideous food. Balut is often used in game challenges in the television series, Survivor.

The Philippines is divided into 3 main geographical parts — Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Luzon is famous for the vibrant nightlife in the Philippines’ capital, Manila. But beyond the cities lie the UNESCO World Heritage rice terraces in Banaue, well-preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architectures in Vigan, unique Taal Volcano island in Tagaytay, unspoiled hills and beaches in Batanes, breathtaking views in Sagada, to name a few.

Island hopping fanatics will surely adore the Visayas. Among the most popular beach destinations are Boracay, Bantayan and other small islands in Cebu, Kalanggaman Island in Leyte, Apo Island and Manjuyod White Sandbar in Negros Oriental, once included in the wonders of the world is the chocolate hills in Bohol, and of course, Palawan where El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa are a part of.

Mindanao hosts the enchanted river (Hinatuan) and Tinuy-an falls in Surigao del Sur, Tinago Falls in Iligan, white island and hot springs in Camiguin, highest mountain in the Philippines (Mt Apo) in Davao, and Asia’s longest zipline in Bukidnon.

Do note that travel warnings issued by other countries prohibit their citizens to wander in southwest part of Mindanao. To be honest, for the 30+ years that we’ve lived peacefully in Mindanao, we have not gone to that area. Philippines has more than 7,000 awesome islands to offer to tourists and residents alike that to forego that area would not affect ones stay in the Philippines. But some friends braved the path less traveled and came home ecstatic with the beauty Zamboanga has showed them.

Philippine Currency

Oh, by the way, your money will go a long way in the Philippines too. Our present conversion to US currency now is P46 per $1. But this may not last long. Change is coming in the Philippines with our new President and we’re hoping our economy is going to improve big time too. So take my advice and come to the Philippines before the Philippine peso equals or surpasses most of the currencies in Asia.  See you here!

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Things to Do in Manila, Philippines

There are so many things to do in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.  From visiting historical places , beautiful sunsets on the bay, indoor aquariums, theme parks, to upscale malls.  One would not run out of things to do and places to visit in the Metro. Continue reading Things to Do in Manila, Philippines

Siquijor Island

The island province of Siquijor, Philippines is perceived by many to be a place of magic and sorcery.  When you mention the name of the place, talks of witches and “barang” (dark magic) spark among those around you. Sometimes, these reasons alone keep local tourists away.  But contrary to that belief,  people we’ve encountered in Siquijor Island were friendly, kindhearted, and welcomed us with all smiles.  Little did people know Siquijor is a gem waiting to be discovered.

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Dumaluan Beach Resorts in Panglao Island, Bohol

There are so many choices when it comes to Bohol resorts in Bohol, Phillippines.  Upscale resorts in Panglao Island like the Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, Amorita Resort, Tarsier Botanica, and Amun Ini Beach Resort and Spa are always in demand together with its affordable counterparts like the Dumaluan 2 Beach Resort and Alona Tropical Beach Resort.

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Pine Grove Mountain Lodge at Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon

Are you craving to try Asia’s longest zipline in Bukidnon, Philippines?  Or longing to escape the hassle and bustle of the city life?  Head to Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon and choose from a number of overnight resorts nearby (Dahilayan Forest Park and Dahilayan Gardens and Resort) or stay within the park at Pine Grove Mountain Lodge.

Now that Dahilayan Adventure Park has more exhilarating rides to conquer, one day is not enough at the park.  By booking Pine Grove Mountain Lodge for your accommodations, you’re assured that you have enough time to enjoy the rides, scenic views of the Mt Kitanglad, and cool misty air in early mornings and evenings.

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Tiny Kitchen in Davao City

Davao City in the Philippines is home to tropical fruits (durian, pomelo, marang, and mangosteen),   durian candy delicacy, and delectable food like the ones served in the Tiny Kitchen. You know a restaurant serves delish  food when it is popular with locals.

So one day before our Chema’s By The Sea escape in Samal Island, our group met up at the Tiny Kitchen in Davao City.

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Luxury Private Villa or Davao City Hotels?

Was there a time when after one day of staying in your rented villa/hotel room you were able to say it feels like home?  It was exactly what I felt when we were at this rental property in Davao City, Philippines. Continue reading Luxury Private Villa or Davao City Hotels?

La Concha Exotic Private Beach House in Samal Island, Davao

 Who is not excited to have a vacation after 2 years of relocating overseas, getting pregnant, and rearing an adorable daughter? Because I DEFINITELY AM! Wuhoo!!!
What’s more thrilling is that we’re going to our home country, the Philippines. We’ll be going back to Samal Island in Davao where we’ll meet for a family vacation and stay in a private beach house we found in FlipKey.

Gantungan Falls in CEDAR, Bukidnon

One of the many tourist spots in the Philippines is the Gantungan Falls in Bukidnon.  It is located approximately 33KM from Dahilayan Forest Park and Dahilayan Adventure Park in Manolo Fortich.

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Explore the 7,107 magnificent islands of the Philippines!