Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island – Day Tour Package

Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island, Davao, is one of the most popular beach resorts in the Philippines.  Nestled in a quiet side of the Samal island and surrounded by coconut trees, the resort boasts of sandy white beach, rich marine life, tranquil environment, and world-class service.  It is perfect for honeymoon, engagement proposals, weddings, family vacation, and small group of friend’s excursion.


Day Tour at Pearl Farm Beach Resort

In 2006, my friends and I went to Davao City just to experience the most popular beach resort in Samal Island.  We got the Day Tour Package for P1,200 each (that’s the rate then).  Included in the package is the roundtrip 45-minute speedboat ride from Marina Wharf in Davao City, welcome drinks, international buffet for lunch, use of the swimming pool, electric cart rides within the resort, towels, trip to Malipano Island and beach huts with lounge chairs.

pearl-farm-beach-frontWe wasted no time and went straight to the beach.  The water was so clear that we saw school of fish swam by.

pearl-farm-beach-resortWe could have easily swum with the fishes but we opted to explore the resort first.  We went to the Mandaya Weaving Center where we saw tribeswomen expertly weaving “dagmay” to become colorful handbags, mats, table runners, clothes, and other native ornaments.   A cart waiting for us outside of the weaving center brought us to the swimming pool near the Aqua Sports Center.

pearl-farm-beach-resortAfter taking pictures, we booked a snorkel package complete with snorkel gear, guides, and a speedboat to take us to the snorkel site.


Snorkeling at Pearl Farm Beach Resort

We enjoyed more than an hour of snorkeling.  Who would not?  The site within the vicinity of Samal Island waters was so irresistible.  We saw sea snakes, different kinds of fish, colorful corals, and a lot more.

pearl-farm-beach-resort-snorkelpearl-farm-beach-resortWe also had the chance of riding the WaveRunner when our speedboat had an episode.  But two of our friends were somewhat disappointed when it came into life again and they headed to the resort right behind us.


Dine at Pearl Farm Beach Resort

The international buffet served at the Maranao Restaurant was heavenly.  I had so much fun eating a wide variety of my favorite, Japanese food; fresh seafood cooked the Filipino way; Italian pasta; American sausages; tropical fresh fruits.  I was so busy feeding myself that I forgot to take pictures of the food I mentioned above.

After the sumptuous lunch, we had our siesta at the white sand beach.  With the clear blue sky above and the intriguing Malipano Island in front of us, we only rested for 30 minutes.  Off we went to the Parola Bar to ride the raft to Malipano Island.


Malipano Island in Samal

Malipano Island is located a few hundred meters from Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island.  It offers seven executive villas including the vacation home of the owners, a three-hole golf course, a helipad, and a hidden white sand beach facing the west.  The beach exudes privacy since it can’t be seen from the main resort.

malipano-island-pearl-farm-beach-resortWe roamed around the small island, took a swim, frolicked, and posed for a lot of pictures including this with the resort in the background.

malipano-island-pearl-farm-beach-resortWe very much enjoyed our day tour at Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island that it was forever etched in our minds.


You can compare Samal Island resorts price at or book Pearl Farm Beach Resort below


The day tour package is more affordable than staying overnight at the resort. However, if you have the capability to pay for the resort’s accommodations then staying overnight is well worth it. Some of their cottages are directly above the sea water.

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      1. I like to know more about the leisure trip to Pearl Farm resort and around vacinty. I like to have a 3 days 2 nites or 4 days 3 nites package.
        Please guide me about transportation from Kuala Lumpur -LCCT to Davao travel and reached to your resort site. I will take the Air Asia from KL -LCCT to Davao airport.
        Thank you
        Pete Lim
        Malaysia.Kuala Lumpur

        1. Hi Pete,

          I am not a representative of Pearl Farm Beach Resort but I can definitely give you some insights on your planned trip. From Davao International Airport, you can avail the airport transfer service of the resort for P1000++ (US$23) to Pearl Farm Marina where you will board a boat to the island. But you can also take a taxi for an average cost of P100 (US$2.25). You don’t have to worry because Davao has the most honest taxi drivers in the Philippines.

          Here’s the link to the list of room rates of Pearl Farm Beach Resort:
          You can also book your stay in this link or ask anything you want to know about the resort and its accommodations.

          Aside from the fine beaches, there are other tourist attractions in Davao. You can check my other blog Enjoy!


          P.S. I’ve been to your country for a day and I was in awe when I saw the Petronas Twin Towers! =)

  1. Hello ,Ask lang po ,kong magkano ang One day tour sa Pearl farm for 10 persons? Balak kasi namin mag tour sa Pearl farm this coming June.

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